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At RSA Robotics we hope to teach a number of skills that will prepare our students for their fast-approaching futures. In this future, they will need to deal with self- and social awareness, relationship skills, responsible decision-making as well as self-management. We will help them to navigate the world more effectively by inspiring their minds and hearts.

At our lessons and workshops, we provide a learner-centric environment where students can be socially interactive and can exchange ideas and work with others. They will develop a growth-mindset while learning collaboration skills and perseverance. All these skills are transferable, preparing them for success in their lives in the ever-changing world they live in. 

Our partnership with Pitsco Education affords us the ability to provide products, activities and curriculum that will ensure students acquire and retain knowledge effectively.

Students attending workshops or lessons will increasingly demonstrate initiative and skill when communicating and working. They will frequently need to creatively solve unexpected problems and are encouraged to take ownership of their projects. This will prepare them for managing their projects in their careers.

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